Solar Garden Roof

Most advanced solution in combining Photovoltaic and Green Roofs

Maximum Payback with Synergetic Effect

Natural Stormwater Mitigation
Fully Integrated System
No Roof Penetration
Maximum Power Yield

Fully Integrated

Solar Garden Roof Systems are fully integrated into the Green Roof that anchors the PV panels to the roof without penetration of the roofing membrane.

Return of Investment

Solar Garden Roof Systems create the ideal environment for PV panels to maximize their output - creating more electricity and greater Return of Investment (ROI).
Backed with the best warranties in the industry.

Stormwater Retention

Solar Garden Roof Systems are maximized for Stormwater Retention and specifically designed to support vegetation growth under the PV for enhanced cooling.

Design Build

Solar Garden Roof Systems are your first choice for Design Build solutions from the waterproofing of the building up to innovative Solar systems with a highly divers vegetation. 

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