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Technological innovations from design to installation 
Teamwork to save energy and increase biodiversity

Tracking Solar Farm 

Reflectors boost the PV

Already in 1995 Jorg Breuning built a Green Roof under an advandced PV Tracking system over a State-of-the-Art engine assembly plant from Mercedes-Benz. The system was elevated to allow people to comfortably walk under the power plant.

Harvesting the Moonlight?

Rawlemon is a ball lens

This perfectly spherical glass ball is the work of a German architect named André Broessel, who began working on it three years ago with the aim of making solar power more efficient and less expensive, a technology available to everyone, everywhere.

Wind, Solar and Green Roofs

More independency

PV Greenery LLC has multiple patents pending that combine even more renewable source with a natural layer of living plants. From individual adjustable systems to automatic tracking or in combination with editable plants.

Smart Flower

A beautiful way to produce electricity

An Austrian company came up with a very attractive design for a photovoltaic panel (POP), that of a flower. The Smartflower is a completely portable and elegant photovoltaic system in comparison to those currently in the market. And it is also very efficient, as it generates 40% more electricity per m2 than a conventional rooftop one.

Together we save your money and create  you a natural environment

Jörg Breuning:
"We are the poineers in combining smart technologies with living nature to generate the power you need for your independence.
Let us empower you!"

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